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Community Outreach

Archived Webinars/Presentation Slides

SNAP Outreach in Schools

Promoting SNAP to benefit your students and schools.

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Summer Meals Blitz 101

A Blitz Day organizes volunteers and partners to raise awareness of free, federal Summer Meals Programs. During a Blitz Day, volunteers come together to canvass a community with outreach materials about the free Summer Meals available.

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Interactive Tools

PowerCheck: Community Organizing Capacity Tool

Community organizing can be a complex process. To be successful, it’s important to prepare for success by understanding an organization’s readiness to engage and empower constituents. PowerCheck can help organizers—from beginners to the most sophisticated—better prepare for catalyzing community organizing efforts.

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Signature Events

Come to the Table Summits—Alliance to End Hunger

ProMedica and the Alliance to End Hunger host regional summits to challenge policy makers and the health care industry to address hunger as a health issue.

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