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Volunteer Management

Archived Webinars/Presentation Slides

Advocacy Trainings (Webinars)—Alliance to End Hunger

The Alliance to End Hunger will conduct webinars to engage individual volunteers and anti-hunger organizations around advocacy to end childhood hunger.

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Introduction to Advocacy Playbook Webinar (Archived)—Alliance to End Hunger

Introduces strategic volunteerism initiative and the role of the Alliance to End Hunger. Explains the purpose of the Advocacy Playbook.

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Articles & Blog Posts

The Power of a Meaningful Volunteer Experience—VolunteerMatch

VolunteerMatch’s blog for organizations that involve volunteers.

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VolunteerMatch Learning Center—VolunteerMatch

Ever wonder what it takes to be a great volunteer program? Check out the wealth of free resources to help nonprofits effectively engage volunteers, including live trainings, blog articles and videos.

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Interactive Tools

Advocacy Playbook—Alliance to End Hunger

Interactive document designed to give volunteers the information they need to participate in advocacy and almost 30 step-by-step advocacy activities.

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Static Resources/Toolkits

Engaging Volunteers (Blog)—VolunteerMatch

Visit Engaging Volunteers often for tips, news, best practices and stories about volunteering as a major focus in the nonprofit sector.

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Volunteer Engagement 2.0 (Book)—VolunteerMatch

Ideas and Insights Changing the World, curated and edited by VolunteerMatch, explores the innovative volunteer engagement approaches that are reshaping nonprofit, and shows how you can adopt these approaches.

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