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Isela Martinez D., Colorado

"I realize that doing something for others is emotionally and spiritually rewarding, and the service can significantly change others' lives."

Making a Powerful Impact

“Volunteering with the Hunger Free Hotline has been a very impactful experience. I realize that doing something for others is emotionally and spiritually rewarding, and the service can significantly change others’ lives, even as our own lives change because we learn from others’ experiences and needs.

We are making a difference with important information that helps people have food on their plates every day. Hunger Free Colorado provides valuable resources to the community. I feel I help change the lives of so many people when I share my time helping people with bigger needs than mine.

Volunteers can make a difference in others’ lives just by being patient and listening when they have something to say. The simple fact of listening is enough to help sometimes. With simple acts and resources mixed with respect and compassion for others, we can make a positive impact and contribution in the lives of so many people.

With our time we are helping people of all ages. We provide relief and help. It is a very rewarding job, but we not only help them, we learn from the experience of the people who call the hotline, and they can help volunteers to be better people. For this reason I would encourage every person to volunteer and continue building this positive chain, where we can inspire others by our own actions by giving our time and by extending help.”

Isela Martinez D. provides referrals, assistance with applying for SNAP benefits and encouragement to the Coloradans who call the Hunger Free Hotline in search of assistance.

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