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Julian B., Illinois

"You're getting food to people who are really in need—it's rewarding to see that."

Lunch Bus!

One summer day, Greater Chicago Food Depository volunteer Julian B. parked the Lunch Bus on a corner and was greeted by a group of children chanting, “Lunch Bus! Lunch Bus!”

Driving the Lunch Bus—a free summer meals program for children—is Julian’s favorite volunteer activity.

“You’re getting food to people who are really in need,” he said. “It’s rewarding to see that.”

Julian has been volunteering at the Food Depository since 1991. In that time, he’s sorted produce, repacked bulk food, delivered meals, helped at various events and represented the Food Depository at speaking engagements.

At least once per week, Julian takes a day off from his job in logistics to volunteer with the Food Depository.

“Volunteering at the Food Depository is a win-win for me,” he said. “I’m able to help out people in need and at the same time, I feel good about making an impact.”

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